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Coral Propagation

250 Watt 20000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Double Ended



  • True 20,000k
  • Ideal Choice for Deeper Marine Life 
  • Emits and Intense, Vibrant Actinic Blue light with high spikes in the 420nm range 
  • Simulates sunlight at ocean depths of 12-25 feet 
  • Promotes the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral 
  • Intensifies the natural fluorescence in fish, coral and marine life 
  • More economical compared to Radium brand with equally as good quality 
  • Must be used with a 250W Magnetic ballast ANSI code M58 or 250 watt electronic ballast

NOTE: The bulb should be handled carefully: using soft gloves is a good idea to keep finger prints off bulb. This is during installation and replacement.


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  • Model: HML1390
  • Manufactured by: Hamilton

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