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Aqua Logic Digital Temperature Controller

Aqua Logic Single Stage Digital Controller - heater OR chiller up to 1/2hp

LCD Electronic Temperature Controller - This device has a superior accuracy for pinpoint temperature control of -30 °F to 220 °F. This digital display is easy to read and a push-button control allows you to choose selectable heating and cooling modes. It is not easy to find all these features in such an inexpensive monitor. A keypad lockout provides tamperproof protection. EEPROM memory retains control settings during power outage. This is an OEM product for some of the largest industrial chiller & heater manufacturers. Outperforms other thermostats which cost substantially more. Input power requirements 115 volts.


Can control heater or chiller of up to 1/2HP or approx. 1,000 watts!


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  • Model: AL1140
  • Manufactured by: Aqua Logic

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