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AquaDyne Aquarium Controller (Monitor pH, mV - ORP &Temp.)

Discontinued By Manufacturer 

AquaDyne OCTOPUS 4000 KIT


Includes Octopus 4000 w/ Backlit Display, Laboratory Grade Temperature Probe, Standard Grade pH Probe, Standard Grade ORP Probe, and pH & ORP Calibration Kit, W-10 Pro Powerline Interface & three X-10 Pro Control Modules.

The AquaDyne Octopus Controller is one of the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use aquatic environment controllers on the market today. Designed with a powerful INTEL microprocessor, the Octopus 4000 controller includes the following features:

  • Continuous monitoring of conductivity, water temperature, pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
  • H2O/S software with menu-driven programming environment
  • Auxiliary Input supports power failure, water level or pressure alarming.
  • FLASH memory that makes upgrading the Octopus 4000 with new H2O/S software a simple task.
  • Local audible alarm or optional remote dial-up pager alarm capability.
  • Parameter control capability for management of peripheral equipment such as pumps and lighting.
  • Powerful data-logging capability that holds up to 7 days of probe data.
  • Operates on 9V AC or an optional 9V DC battery backup.
  • Optional X-10 support for up to 16 control outputs.
  • An infrared Data Port that supports an optional hand-help HP printer for data reporting and graphical analysis.
  • Single communication port supporting both direct connection to a PC or remote modem communication.
  • Optional AquaWeb software - allows you to communicate with your Octopus 4000, perform advanced graphical analysis of current and historical data-from just about any Windows PC. Until now, performing even the simplest functions with a controller required technical or electronic expertise. The Octopus 4000 controller makes maintaining the optimum aquatic environment easy.


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  • Model: AD1130
  • Manufactured by: Aquadyne

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