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Captive Purity Hi-Silicate Removal TFC Replacement Membrane

The key component for any reverse osmosis unit is its membrane. The membrane will determine the type of contaminants removed and how much water the unit will produce. Our Captive Purity Hi-S (High Silicate) membranes are the gold standard and will remove 96% of nitrates and up to up to 99.5% of silicate. Chlorine will ruin TFC, Hi-F, and Hi-S membranes so prior carbon filtration is required. All Captive Purity Membranes and RO and RO/DI units are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Please note that these Hi-S replacement membranes are interchangeable with Kent Marine, and SpectraPure RO or RO/DI unit.

We have researched and tested the best replacement membranes among all manufacturers, and offer only the best available.




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  • Model: CP1775
  • Manufactured by: Captive Purity

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