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Clear For Life Tri-Pelletized Activated Carbon

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This Tri-Pelletized Carbon is the best we have ever used. It does not get compacted and it lets water flow through even after prolonged usage. Your aquarium water will become crystal clear and this Clear For Life carbon will not leach back into the water column.


For aquarium and pond use Tri-Pelletized Carbon has many advantages:

  • Because of its high capacity a smaller amount can be used in the filter, which is ideal especially when filter size is limited.
  • The high surface area allows it to last longer and makes it more cost effective than other carbons.
  • The unique manufacturing process creates a very broad Angstrom range, enabling it to adsorb numerous chemicals from air and water.
  • Adsorbs all fish odors.
  • When rinsed for the first time it sizzles like soda pop!
  • Large pellet size allows it to be used in any kind of filter without clogging plastic screens, or restricting or channeling the water flow.
  • Hard pellets do not turn to mush and flow down the drain into the aquarium, or clog the filter.
  • Freshwater, Brackish water and Pond. Highly recommended for reef, non reef systems. Ideal for sensitive species.


Available sizes:

1 lb / 5 lbs / 21 lbs




Tri-Pelletized Activated Carbon is not part of your biological filtration but part of your mechanical filtration.


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  • Model: CFL1917
  • Manufactured by: Clear For Life

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