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Coralife Pure-Flo II Float & Shutoff Valve


Shut off water production automatically on RO units and gravity-fed top off systems. Saves membrane life, prevents messy overflows, and minimizes water pressure buildup on your RO unit. Includes float valve, automatic shutoff valve, check valve, and 3-1/2 ft blue tubing connection.

Contains fittings and connectors for installation with your RO unit and your water storage unit plus full instructions for installation.

Shutoff Valve Parts
  • Tubing Connectors (4)
  • Automatic Shutoff Valve
  • Tubing Locks (4)

Float Valve Parts
  • Tubing Connector
  • Tubing Lock
  • Inlet Fitting
  • Mounting Fastener
  • Rubber Gaskets (2)
  • Float Valve Connector
  • Float Valve with Adjustment Knob 

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  • Model: CL2238
  • Manufactured by: Coralife

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