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Ecoxotic 12.5 Inch Stunner 6 watt LED Strip

Starting at:$47.99

It’s never been faster or easier to add light, accent and shimmer to your tank – without all that other stuff like heat and noisy fans.

Put beautiful, shimmering light right where you want it with a simple, super-efficient, linkable LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into your existing set up.

Available in four colors: 8000K (White), 453nm (Blue), 8000K (White) with 453nm (Blue) and 403nm (Ultraviolet). Pick your favorite, or mix and match colors with a linkable design that allows you to run up to six Stunner Strips off of one 24V power supply (sold separately).

  • LED’s last up to 50,000 hours
  • Instantly adds shimmering look
  • Mix and match colors with linkable strips
  • Water resistant
  • 24V - Low power consumption
  • Sleek, flat panel design that easily retrofits
  • Includes hardware mounting kit

The 8000K / 453nm  option contains: 18 x 8K White & 6 x 453nm Blue led's
The Magenta / 12000K option contains: 16 x 12K White & 8 x Magenta led's




**Please Note:  Power supply units are sold separately. Each Power Supply will run up to six, linkable Stunner Strips. Once you&rsquove selected your quantity and color, please remember to add at least one Power Supply to your cart.

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  • Model: EX1317
  • Manufactured by: Ecoxotic

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