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Water Changing

Eheim Surface Extractor


The residue film – the unsightly surface film on the water surface of every aquarium – is the place where organic substances such as fats, proteins and decomposition products deposit which form the breeding ground for a large number of undesirable microorganisms. The surface is however also decisively important for the vital exchange of oxygen between water and air.

On one hand, a film on the water surface reduces the diffusion rate; on the other hand the biological processes taking place there consume additional oxygen. In addition the entry of light through the surface of the water is impaired, which is disadvantageous for good plant growth.

The suction side requires Eheim tubing size  Ø 12/16mm



Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format


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  • Model: EH2053
  • UPC: 720686350021
  • Manufactured by: Eheim

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