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Elos E-Power Aquarium Lighting Pendant w/ Ballast

Elos E-Power Aquarium Lighting Pendant w/ Ballast & 14K MH HQI Bulb


Why must a High Power Aquarium light be cumbersome and with the lack of any style or design? For the first time, ELOS E-power offers to the aquarium enthusiast a circular reflector with an unsurpassed efficiency* and a beautiful stylish shape, for people who desire to illuminate their Aquarium with uncompromising power!

  • Tests made in the Elos lab have shown the superior luminous efficiency of E-power 250 Watt when compared with competitors reflectors equipped with 400 Watt bulbs.
  • Includes 3-Year Warranty, Hanging Kit and Glass Cover.
  • Complete kits include Elos Spectra 70-150-250 14,000K MH Lamps and Electronic Ballasts.
  • Available in Silver Only


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  • Model: ELO1323
  • Manufactured by: Elos

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