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Filter Sock 100 Micron Monofilament Mesh


Monofilament Mesh Filter Socks have a 100 micron rating using a single filament weave. Single filament woven media provides two distinct advantages over multifilament media, excellent fabric strength and perfectly uniformed openings and no fiber migration at a high level of efficiency, monofilament material is a perfect fit.


With a 7 inch diameter hard plastic ring it's a perfect replacement for any berlin style filter sock.


Features & Benefits:

  • Nylon monofilament is FDA and EU compliant
  • Reliable and predictable filtration performance due to a highly uniformed hole configuration
  • Non-fiber releasing material for high purity applications
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Hygienically superior due to inside-out flow dynamic, all impurities are contained inside the element.


These Monofilament Mesh Filter Socks can be very easily cleaned once they are filled with detritus by just rinsing them out with freshwater. They can be re-used many times and last much longer than a standard 100 micron sock.



Dimensions: 7" Ø x 16" Length



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  • Model: GNX2034
  • Manufactured by: ***Generic Brands***

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