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Hydor Koralia Wavemaker/ Controller for Controllable Koralia Pump

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Hydor Koralia Wavemaker Controller for Controllable Koralia Pump

Wavemaker 2
Low Voltage Pump Controller


Great Flexibility:
1 or 2 Koralia 12V low voltage pumps, same or different models.
2 blue LEDs on front panel indicate pump setting and functioning.


Wave or Tide Effect:
WAVEMAKER can produce a wave effect setting the timer between 2 and 15 seconds or a tide effect switching the flow on and off every 1 to 6 hours.


The power of the pumps can be set by operation on the minimum and maximum controls to better suit the needs of the aquarium and its inhabitants.


Setting Pump Function Mode:
Alternate Flow Mode
With pumps on eat each side of the aquarium operating on minimum and maximum controls, the flow can have a wave or tide effect, ideal for reef setting.
Synchronous Flow Mode:
Pumps operate simultaneously at minimum or maximum flow and can be set to on/off mode to create strong tidal effects.


Food Mode:
Easy function to allow feeding of fish and invertebrates in reef aquariums. Just click on the SET button and the pumps are put on hold for 5 min.


Manual or Automatic Night Mode:
In this mode the pumps can be slowed down during the night and turned back to the set speed during the day.
Night Mode
Indicated by a red LED, can come on automatically by using the photo-electric cell (not included, sold separately, EU code JH1900, USA code JH1901) which detects the aquarium illumination.


Cooling Fan:
For maximum safety, WAVEMAKER is equipped with a super quiet cooling fan that regulates its speed as necessary.


NOTE: Wavemaker Controller only controls controllable Koralias.

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  • Model: HY1404
  • Manufactured by: Hydor

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