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JBJ Nano Cube

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The ultimate reef series biotope!

JBJ offers a Nano Cube series with high-tech features not commonly found in "All-In-One" systems.

The concept behind the Nano-Cube was inspired by hundreds of reef hobbyists who requested higher powered lighting, protein skimming, increased water circulation, a more simplified filter, storage area in the stand for chillers, and designated water level columns in the rear chambers for heaters, refugiums and protein skimmers.
The newly redesigned Nano Cube is now offered in a Deluxe version to meet the needs of the serious reef enthusiast. The New Nano Cube Deluxe offers double the light output of the original model, giving your corals and invertebrates 48 total watts of intense JBJ compact fluorescent illumination. All models come standard with (2) built-in cooling fans to dissipate excess heat, a new highly efficient (Fulham UL Approved) remote electronic ballast with disconnect cable, (2) LED's and return nozzle for directional flow output.


28 Gal. Nano-Cube CF Quad:

The new CF-QUAD is equipped with an integrated 105 Watt Compact Fluorsescent Quad Lamp and state of the art electronic ballast for high intensity light output with a low energy draw. The 28g CF-QUAD definitely is the most value packed AIO (All-In-One) in its class and price level. It offers almost 50% more light wattage than competing brands, 2 powerheads, Ocean Pulse Duo wavemaker, removable transparent filter basket (for easy refugium conversions), designated heater column, designated protein skimmer column (sold separately), 2 cooling fans, and 4 Nite-Vu LEDs with its’ own power supply. The revolutionary CF-QUAD lamp boasts 105 watts of high intensity daytime light ouput with our 10K/7100K Combo lamp.It utilizes a small compact size while delivering MEGA lumens to your corals. Nite Vu LEDs are strategically placed on all four corners to evenly Distribute moon lighting throughout the aquarium. All LED’s are pre-wired individually with it's own male plug for easy replacement. Consumes less than 1 watt of power, but strong enough to illuminate nocturnal behaviors.


Integrated Cooling System
The secret to our cool running top is our artistic canopy which also serves as as a key factor in heat dissipation. All canopies are made from Flame Retardent ABS Plastic. The 2 cooling fans automatically turn on/off with the main CF-QUAD lighting system. A thermal protector is also added to automatically shut of the lighting system in the event the fans fail, it will automatically turn back on once temperatures reach safe conditions.

Easy Feeding
New feeding lid is lighter than the previous full front lid. Grants quick and easy access for feeding and retrieving water samples without lifting the entire hood.

Smart Filtration
The filter starts as water enters the center overflow. The water is directed into our 3-Stage Filter Media Basket, which is installed with a mechanical sponge, chemical activated carbon, and biological ceramic rings. The unique 3-Stage Filter Media Basket can host a variety of chemical medias to suit your needs. Cleaning is especially easy, since all you have to do is lift up on the basket handle and watch the water drain out the bottom for a simple and dry filter change. All baskets have a sliding door for added convenience.

Nothing to Hide
Our newly redesigned filter basket is now transparent for easy refugium conversions. Simply add macro algae (eg. Chaeto) into chamber one and chamber two. We recommend leaving the activated carbon in chamber three with a small piece of the mechanical sponge before the water exits to prevent algae clogging pumps.

Creating Motions in Captive Oceans
Our redesigned Ocean Pulse Duo now incorporates a memory chip for flawless performance after a power failure. Your wavemaker creates turbulent currents for a more natural reef environment. You can set it from 10 seconds to 6 minute alternating cycles. Water is returned via (2) directional return nozzles on each side of the center overflow for even natural currents.


28 Gal. Nano-Cube LED :

The new LED illumination system is now offered in two different models to accommodate mid to low light corals with our “Intermediate” and high light demanding corals with our “Professional” series!

High intensity LED lighting offers the ability to dramatically increase PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) which designates the spectral range from 400 – 700 nanometers for the growth of photosynthetic organisms while lowering energy input.
Impressive 50,000 hour lifespan with a 30% reduction in output. You won’t need to change lamps for at least 10 years*

*Based on 10 hours a day


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