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Kent Marine Hi-S Maxxima RO/DI System

Kent Marine Hi-S Maxxima 35 GPD or 60 GPD RO/DI System


Hi-S RO/DI System Feature

  • Disposable Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge
  • Carbon Block Pre-Filter
  • 1 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
  • Available in 35gpd and 60gpd
  • Deionizing resin with a color change indicater to indicate when you need to replace the DI resin
  • Hi-S SIlicate Removal Membrane (remove up to 99%of silicate)
  • Silicamax disposable cartridge (High Silicate Removal Deionization Cartridge with built in Exhaution Indicator)
  • GPD: 60


The MAX60HiS is a 4 stage 60 gallon per day RO/DI unit with clear canisters. These filters will provide the purest water possible. This unit will remove 99.9% of tap water contaminants, providing lab grade water. The MAX60HiS includes a 60 gallon per day Hi-S High Silicate Removal membrane, a CF1M 1 micron sediment filter, a CFCE solid block carbon pre filter and a SILICAMAX Hi Removal dual stage deionization cartridge that color indicates as the resin exhausts. This unit also includes a 3/4 inch garden hose adapter and 6 feet of yellow, blue and orange tubing.

This unit can be run on ANY water system.

We recommend adding a FLUSHKIT to your system to extend your membrane life, particularly in hard water conditions.

Shipping Cost Info

  • Manufactured by: Kent Marine

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