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Liquid Life Cyclop-eeze Wafer

Cyclop-eeze 100% Wafer consists of the micro-crustacean Cyclop-eeze which are selectively cultured in a pristine arctic salina. The wafers are a thin mono-layer of Cylop-eeze organism prepared using infrared refractance drying at below room temperature thus preserving all of the nutritive components.

Net Weight: 30 grams (1.06 ounces)

  • All freshwater and marine fishes, invertebrates and corals will quickly exhibit colors surpassing natural habitat hues.
  • Abundant and potent attractants incite voracious feeding.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Highest of any known species ensures health thru immune system stimulation, enhances growth and stimulates reproduction.
  • A palette of digestive enzymes ensures bio-availability and absorption of the nutrient profile in Cyclop-eeze.
  • Superior to Live Feeds - Saves the hobbyist, culturist and farmer time!

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  • Model: AR1166
  • Manufactured by: Argent

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