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Marineland Stealth Pro-Heater 10W


Tough, shatter-proof heaters boast smart electronic technology for long-lasting performance. Rugged heater construction. Internal mesh heating element allows efficient heat distribution while epoxy fill protects against shock and breakage.


Helpful safety feature shuts down heater when exposed out of water and restarts automatically when submerged. ±1 degrees Fahrenheit accuracy. Marineland Stealth Pro-Heaters are for submersible use in fresh or saltwater aquariums.

  • Shatter-proof submersible aquarium heater with safety shutoff
  • Automatically shuts off when heater is out of aquarium water
  • Electronic thermostat means stable aquarium water temperatures
  • 5-1/4" height

  • 10W Mini is factory set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit-no adjustments needed. Rated for up to 3 gal.

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    • Model: ML1543
    • Manufactured by: Marineland

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