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Water Changing

Procal Calcium Reactor

These Calcium Reactors are made per order by the manufacturer. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery!



  • 22.5" high, base footprint 14 x 14"
  • 1/4" cell cast tube
  • 1/2" acrylic base and lids
  • High quality glass laboratory flowmeter
  • CO2 output to the sump
  • Heavy duty magnetic circulation pump
  • High quality needle valve for precise output control
  • CO2 bubble counter and check valve
  • Dispersion plate to dissolve media evenly
  • 15 psi pressure gauge
  • Water input strainer
  • Adjustable input / output tubing bracket
  • Automatic CO2 venting assembly
  • Suitable for up to 700 gal aquariums
  • Swivel & slide water input tube for easy maintenance
  • Simple, no plumbing installation
  • User serviceable  parts


These are the best Calcium Reactors we have ever used and still think to this day there is no match in quality and reliability.

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  • Model: MTC1571
  • Manufactured by: MTC

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