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Sea-Lab No 28 Trace Element Replenisher


Marine Aquariums don't have to be difficult.
Let SEA-LAB end the heartbreak of failure.


  • Restore and maintain the concentrations of calcium, strontium and all trace elements at the same levels found in the sea, automatically.
  • Optimize aquarium pH and alkalinity without harmful additives.
  • Remove fatty acids and oils originating in food products, as well as other organic compounds released into the water from your fish.


Formula #28 always works, and cannot be overdosed. This is not a slow-dissolve or time-release product. It dissolves only to replace depleted elements. For tanks up to 50 gallons.

Sold in a 1/2 pound jar.

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  • Model: SL1677
  • Manufactured by: Sea-Lab

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