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Spectrapure SpectraSelect Plus 90-GPD RO


SpectraSelect Plus 90-GPD RO 99 - MEM-SP-009

SpectraSelect Plus membranes set the industry standards for highest rejection, flow rate, and longevity. SpectraSelect Plus 99% Rejection Membranes effectively DOUBLES post De-ionizing cartridge life!

SpectraPure SpectraSelectPlus membranes are treated with a proprietary process to enhance rejection, increase production and speed rinse up times. These treated membranes are then hand-picked and individually tested for consistent ultra-high rejection. No other membrane can match the SpectraSelectPlus for long life and the ability to remove silica phosphates, nitrates, and heavy metals.

SpectraSelectPlus Membranes are standard equipment in our MaxCap, and UHE RO/DI Systems and can also be used available as an upgrade replacement option for most Reverse Osmosis Systems, and are interchangeable with Captive Purity, Kent Marine, Air Water Ice, Bulk Reef Supply, and most residential/aquarium RO or RO-DI systems.

  • Typical stabilized conductivity rejection 99%, minimum conductivity rejection 98%.
  • Membranes produce rated GPD ± 20% at 60 psi.
  • *Permeate flow and conductivity rejection based on 250 ppm, 77°F (25°C) softened water feed, 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure.

Working limits:

  • Maximum temperature 113F (45c) note: DO NOT FREEZE-DAMAGE MAY OCCUR!
  • pH range 2-11
  • Free chlorine limits less than 0.1ppm
  • Maximum feed water silt density index (SDI) 5

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  • Model: SP2247
  • Manufactured by: Spectrapure

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