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Tom Rapids Pro Series Rp3 Plus Canister Filter


Tom Rapids Pro Series Rp3 Plus Canister Filter With Auto Fill System.


Redesigned Overflow & Venturi Pump Protein Skimmer!


Giving you the best of two popular aquarium filters: The Canister Filter and the Wet/Dry The Pro Series supplies optimum and efficient filtration for saltwater aquariums, engineered to deliver unsurpassed 3-stage filtration (mechanical, chemical and biological). This filter provides superb water movement, consistently processing waste and impurities so the aquarium’s water quality remains ideal, thus keeping the aquarium water crystal clear and your tank inhabitants healthy. Rapids Pro-Series distinctive design makes this state-of-the-art filter extremely efficient. Delivering complete biological filtration plus greatly increasing gas exchange as water trickles over exposed Bio-Balls and highly porous Sintered Glass Cylinders, resulting in the rapid oxidation of ammonia and nitrite. Plus the Pro Series Filters come with a built-in protein skimmer, superbly removing dissolved organic material. Comes complete, nothing else to buy.


The Pro Series RP3 Plus - Newly designed advanced filtration system for larger aquariums. Next generation filter combines the filtering capacity of a wet/dry, venturi pump protein skimmer, and the ease of setup of a canister filter. Re-circulates 700 gallons of water per hour for ideal water quality. 4 Gallon Auto Fill System automatically replaces evaporated water. For aquariums up to 150 gallons. Replacement Media sold separately. The RP3 Plus comes complete with built-in redesigned Venturi Pump Protein Skimmer, 700 GPH Water Pump, redesigned Surface Skimmer Overflow, tubing, clamps, filter media AND the 4 Gallon Auto Fill System.

•High capacity aquarium filtration system perfect for limited space areas
•Combination aquarium canister filter, wet/dry filter, and protein skimmer

•Large Capacity Filter
•Auto Fill System (holds 3.5gals of make-up water to compensate for evaporation)
•Overflow Box (automatically stops back draining in the event of electrical loss)
•Protein Skimmer with Pump & Venturi System (superb chemical filtration)
•Bio-Balls (increases benefical gas exchange)
•Sintered Glass Bio-Cylinders (provides optimum biological filtration)
•All Hoses and Tubing
•Carbon Cloth Pillow
•Poly-Fiber Filter Media
•Submersible Pump 700gph

RP3 PLUS Filter Dimensions - 16"L x 8.75"W x 21"H
Overflow Box Dimensions - 8"L x 6.5"W x 7.5"H
Auto Fill System Dimensions - 16"L x 8.75"W x 19.5"H


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  • Model: TA1751
  • Manufactured by: Tom Aquarium

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