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Two Little Fishies MarineSnow Plankton Diet



MarineSnow meets the special needs of tropical coral reef and cold water marine animals that feed on particulate and dissolved organic matter, phytoplankton and zooplankton. The formula for MarineSnow is based on natural components of ocean plankton, does not contain yeast or egg solids, and is blended to provide food packages of the right size range for filter feeders. The formula includes suspended microscopic particles ranging in size from under 20 microns up to 150 microns, and the colloidal clumps formed when it mixes with seawater are macroscopic. Ideal food for soft and stony corals, anemones, hydrozoans, feather duster worms, clams, crinoids (feather stars), sponges, tunicates (sea squirts), foraminiferans, and other filter feeders. Shrimps, brittle stars and even fishes will eat MarineSnow colloids.

TwoLittleFishies Marine Snow Plankton Diet 473 ml (16 oz.)

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  • Model: TLF1742
  • Manufactured by: Two Little Fishies

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