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Vertex Aquaristik Mocean 3500 Wave Maker




Random, chaotic flow patterns have an extensive recognition as an essential aspect of advanced reef husbandry, the results of its integration noticeably increasing the vigor of the reef's inhabitants while greatly heightening the visual impact of the display. The Vertex™ Mocean 3500 is an innovative approach to natural wave simulation in Modern Aquaria - one that forefronts unparalleled adjustability and adaptability.


Unlike other wave simulation devices, the Vertex™ Mocean 3500 is uniquely capable of full 360° water dispersion at different speed settings, readily eliminating mono-directional water movement. The subsequent irregular flow freely decreases dead spots, mimics natural environmental flow patterns while improving the water quality and health of the captive biome.


For the larger flow demands of larger systems, the Vertex™ Mocean 3500 has been reinforced to effortlessly accommodate upwards of 3500 GPH.



Up to 360° rotation, easily modifiable on-demand.
Adjustable speed settings for maximum variability.
Fully customizable programmability allows for limitless flow options.
Multi size input fittings.
Easy to install and operate.
Modular capability allows for inline or oscillating power-head functionality.
Adjustable mounting options.



Main Body 4½" x 6¾" x 3½"
Controller 5½" x 3½" x 1½"
AC Main Power Input 90-220v, 50/60 Hz
DC power Input to unit 5v, 1.2a and 12va
Power Consumption @ 5v 0.48< AMP> 0.75
Rated up to 3500 GPH inline-flow.


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  • Model: VA2057
  • Manufactured by: Vertex Aquaristik

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