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International Shipments are by special request only. Please view the following conditions.


Product Pricing and Exchange Rates:

All prices listed are in U.S. dollars. When the customer pays by wire-transfer, customers responsibilities include, but are not limited to, transfer fees and exchange rates. The total amount due reflected on customers invoice should be the final transfer amount payable and due to Aquafinatic.


International Shipping Fees, Import Duties and Taxes:

All international shipment charges by the freight forwarder are the responsibility of the customer. Our prices do not include customs fees, taxes and tariffs. Customers outside of the United States may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. The customer is solely responsible for any customs clearance fees; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.

International Returns or Packages Refused:

If the package(s) is returned to us because of an address error made by the customer, the customer refuses the package, or the items ordered are not allowed into the country by customs, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost billed to us for the return of the package. If the return to shipper cost is greater than the cost of the goods ordered, we will instruct the delivery company to abandon the order, and there will be no credit to the customer for the order. If the package is stopped by customs because items ordered are not allowed into the country and the package is abandoned, there will be no credit to the customer for the order.

Your Country's Custom and Import Policies:

It is important for the customer to become familiar with the customs policies for the customer's country before ordering. Customs regulations vary greatly by country and lack of knowledge regarding the customs rules governing the country the customer is importing to can result in the order incurring high import duties, delivery being delayed, or returned to us. It is the customer's responsibility to check with the customs office to see if the customer's country permits the shipment of our products. Additionally, when ordering from us, the customer is considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which the customer is receiving the goods. Any fees charged to us due to non-compliance with the customer's country's laws and regulations will be charged to the customer as the importer of record. If an item(s) is returned to us due to non-compliance issues with said laws and regulations, a refund will be issued for the merchandise only, minus 15% of the value of the order as the re-stocking fee, and any other charges incurred such as quarantine fees, shipping fees or warehousing fees assessed by customs in the importer's country.

Please note: Overseas shipments will be under manufacturer warranty. Defective product inquiries need to be directed by the customer directly to the manufacturer.

We do not accept credit cards for overseas orders and transactions are made by wire-transfer only.


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